ALL IN THE DETAILS: August Showers Bring September Flowers?

September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Mondays seem to always come too fast, especially after a (rainy) weekend filled with college football and exploring new places around your school. It’s especially hard when it’s September and still feels like July because of the heat and humidity outside. Well, finally here in Lynchburg, Virginia we had a day where it was less than 80 degrees and for once it wasn’t raining. (They call it Drenchburg for a reason!) Perfect time to break out a few fall pieces from your closet, but still keeping the summery feel for a little bit longer.

This stylish Massachusetts native understands this all too well. As the days start off chilly, they slowly progress into slightly warmer days, making getting dressed in the morning a bit difficult. This Fashionista however, has mastered that art during her sophomore year here at Liberty University. Her flowy, floral top caught my eye at first with its bright print and fall colored tones. When she turned around however, there was a surprising detail: an open back with a tie. Open backed shirts are one of the best pieces for fall, having just enough coverage that the wearer isn’t cold, but still keeping stylish with a nod to the fading summer days.

This Fashionista paired her floral top with a pair of black skinny jeans, which she had cuffed at the bottom in order to accent her black ankle boots. Since the back of her shirt was a statement enough, she kept her jewelry simple with a large gold and blue statement ring on her hand. She said that in these changing seasons, she wears her ankle boots with almost any outfit because they can easily transition from season to season. That point is especially pertinent here in Lynchburg where it feels like winter in the morning and by afternoon feels like summer. She told me that for her, “this outfit works particularly well on those days when it’s not cool enough for a sweater, but too cool for shorts or a dress.”

With my favorite season of fall approaching quickly, I’m loving the chilly mornings we have here in Lynchburg, but am still mourning the loss of summer a bit. But I’m getting really excited to break out the sweaters and scarves really soon, so stay tuned…

How To: If you don’t have a floral shirt with an open back, don’t worry! Either aspect of the trend works, so opt for a short sleeve floral top, or an open backed sweater instead. I highly recommend purchasing a pair of ankle boots as we enter this season as well. Trust me, you will get your money’s worth out of them! I have a tan colored pair of ankle boots and pair them with every outfit possible!