It is always a struggle to appropriately dress for class when there are events to attend after. In this case, this Fashionisto was going surfing after class and his outfit caught my attention while walking to class. As a surfer, he did not want to show up to class in a wetsuit, but also did not want to be disrespectful to a professor. He needed something simple, but the part that stood out most in his outfit was the watch and bracelet on his arm. The watch was versatile and can handle the wear and tear of the salt water. The bracelet would not fall off easily and illustrated some of his personality.

This Fashionisto dressed in a blue V-neck T-shirt, khakis, brown flip flops, lanyard with keys attached and some arm candy. His arm candy consisted of a watch and beaded tribal bracelet. His outfit was simple, but his accessories stood out to me. This is a casual surfer look that is found around Pepperdine since many of the students go surfing after class. His blue V-neck T-shirt illustrated a pop of color, while his khakis had a more relaxed feel. The brown flip flops were casual and the lanyard showed that he was heading either to class or to his car and wanted his possessions to be somewhere that he can easily find. The accessories on his watch had an indie feel with the tribal bracelet and the watch is a durable one that can be submersed into the water.

How To: Watches and bracelets go with just about any outfit because they add character to an outfit. Pick a watch that is the best budget for you and appropriate for the occasion. A Daniel Wellington watch is suitable for a professional meeting, while a waterproof watch is best for the beach. Various types of bracelets also show a Fashionista or Fashionisto’s personality so have fun with your accessories and feel free to mix and match colors as well.