ALL IN THE DETAILS: American Woman

Hey, Fashionistas/os! Happy June—we’re finally getting comfortable and diving into summer. During these warm months, I tend to shop more than usual. It’s only natural for us shopaholics to go out in the nice weather and enjoy my favorite outdoor activity: walking through city shops. My favorite places in Connecticut to regularly walk around and shop are Main Street, in Westport and the Yale campus in New Haven, which is where I ran into this Fashionista last week.

Walking swiftly through the Yale campus to get to her next class, I noticed this Fashionista’s incredibly cute denim jacket and stylish motorcycle boots. Her outfit was rather plain—a striped T-shirt and classic blue denim jeans, but it was the jacket and the boots used as accessories that completed the outfit and created a trendy and casual look.

She wears a vintage denim jacket from the ‘80s to go over her basic yet tasteful navy and white striped T-shirt. What makes the jacket so stylish, practical and appropriate for the look is the oversized, boyfriend fit. This creates a theme of a sort of tomboy-chic, which correlates well with the boots. What really makes the jacket stand out and makes the look unique and fun are its details. On the back is a large design of the American flag either dyed or stitched into the denim. The flag takes up a majority of the back of the jacket, making it a prominent accessory to not only the jacket but the whole outfit. It adds color, and it adds to the vintage style of the jacket and of the whole look.

Her short motorcycle boots have the same feel—rather tomboyish yet extremely chic and trendy. These are a good addition to an outfit, even with a dress or a skirt, to add some edge and personality to create more of an eclectic vibe.

Overall, her main accessories, the jacket and the boots, are what create an urban, rebellious and classic American look. She enlivens her plain outfit of Madewell skinny jeans and a basic striped T-shirt by adding the boyfriend vintage jacket and the edgy motorcycle boots.

How To: Looking for the perfect denim jacket that has some personality? You can use an old jacket you already have, buy a new one or snag a cool vintage one, like this Fashionista’s, at your local consignment shop. To spice it up and add your own personality and style, take any cool iron-on patch that you’d like to use, and iron it on to the back or wherever you’d like on the jacket. By taking iron-on patches you’ve found and chosen, you can basically design the jacket exactly how you want! This makes it much more unique and adds personality.