ALL IN THE DETAILS: Always Accessorize

March 23rd, 2017 at 10:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Always Accessorize

Everyone knows the way to create the perfect outfit is to always accessorize. Throw on rings, necklaces, a bag, or a scarf, whatever your heart desires! But never forget those tiny details to finish of a look. Adding details to your outfit can change your ensemble from day to night—it is that easy. You don’t need to buy two outfits, just stock up on every accessory you can—this method is cheaper and much more fun.

Someone who really does understand the power of the accessory is this Fashionista who I came across on my university campus. Immediately she caught my attention with her amazing pastel pink faux fur coat—I mean look at it. That coat is made of dreams and is everything I want in life. This Fashionista’s look defines the passing of winter and the welcome of spring. The fur helps to keep warm but the pretty pink shows she is anticipating spring with open arms.

The beautiful coat wasn’t all that this Fashionista had to offer—when I looked closer at her outfit I realized she had accessorized like a pro. She knew the power of jewelry and decorated her hands with the cutest little rings that really added the finishing touches to her classic look. This Fashionista didn’t just adorn her hands but also her wrists with very simple but eye-catching bracelets.

Jewelry wasn’t the only finishing touch this chic Fashionista had on her mind, she also understood the greatness of layers. Her fishnet tights add an edge to her pretty look and give her outfit even more depth, as well as keeping her warmer. All these little details show just how stylish this Fashionista is, she really cares about her look, and why wouldn’t you?

Clearly, the key to a great outfit is to always accessorize, so go and get some accessories. What’s stopping you from jazzing up your look and walking the streets with your head held high like this fabulous Fashionista. Go now and buy anything that catches your eye no matter how big or small.