December 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

In an age where we all want to stand out, there are many accessories that will aid you in achieving uniqueness. While some may opt to try and do everything they can in order to be different, not everyone needs to go to such great lengths to be stylish yet different. Sometimes it is just a small switch that makes all the difference.

In this Fashionisto’s case, zippers are what add that something special to his outfit. The great thing about zippers is that less is more; just adding one on either side of a crewneck, in this case, is enough to do the trick. Most often these zippers are for aesthetic purposes, not function, allowing you to unzip them or zip them all the way to change the look up a little bit. Sometimes even putting zippers in places you would not expect them to be traditionally can end up being very cool, for instance with this hoodie. There are also a lot of different jeans and pants with zippered detail, often at the bottom of the pant legs to add an air of unexpectedness. These jeggings are a great example, with zippers at the bottom and in place of front pockets. This Fashionisto paired his zippered sweatshirt with black skinny jeans that have rips in the knees and black combat boots. It made for a simple, edgy outfit altogether. If you aren’t wanting this on your clothing, have no fear because it also works great when placed on accessories! For example, this popular Rebecca Minkoff bag has exaggerated zippers, that lead to pockets for all your stuff, and are not just for show.

How To: Go to any store and seek out a top, pair of bottoms, or accessory with a great zippered detail. Or pick your favorite item from your closet and YouTube a tutorial on how to add a zipper to it!