So it’s that time again! Football games, bonfires, pumpkin spice lattes and big comfy hoodies are upon us. Within the next few weeks, the humid, hot weather will turn to a breezy fall climate.  But there is always that difficult time in between the two seasons when people cannot decide what to wear.  In central Pennsylvania, it’s too warm for pants but too brisk to not wear a lightweight jacket.

But fear no more; I have the solution to your fashion crisis!  Bandanas.  Yes, I said bandanas.  I know you are probably thinking, “Kathleen, bandanas were so four decades ago.”  Over the years, bandanas have been worn for many different fashion styles such as using it as a headband for a retro look, a ski mask to protect your face or a stylish wrist accessory. The most common trend, I believe, is when Fashionistas tie bandanas around their necks as scarves.

I am probably not the only daughter who’s heard her mom say, “Oh my gosh, I used to wear that in high school.” Just as every trend eventually returns to the fashion world, bandanas are making their way back to becoming everyone’s favorite accessory again.

Bandana scarves are perfect for early fall weather!  The scarf will keep you warm from the windy weather but allow you to be comfortable in the lightweight material.  This trend is a fabulous way to make a simple outfit chic and it’s very inexpensive!

This Fashionista took this trend to a whole new level of Vogue-ish! While wearing her chic bandana scarf, she added black jeans, a gorgeous top and heels.  As you can tell, this outfit is very simple, but adding the scarf transforms it into a picture perfect look.

Bandanas come in all colors and patterns, so make sure you stop by your local thrift or fabric store and score yourself the hottest look of the season!