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September is here, classes are officially back in session and the squad is back on campus. Getting back into the swing of things is always a little difficult especially after an amazing summer. Days are filled with studying, catching up with old friends and exploring around campus. As fast as daily schedules are filling up, laundry baskets are leaving Fashionistas/os with nothing but a T-shirt and jeans. But it never just stops there!

This Fashionista killed it with the small accessories. A simple outfit like ripped jeans and a white T-shirt is perfect for the new necktie trend, giving endless opportunities to play around with different colors and patterns, like this one! The simple black and white necktie she chose went perfect with her jacket which is always a must-have when going to class. Let’s be honest, there is no way to determine whether the classroom will be blasting heat or cold air for the entire class so a lightweight jacket is perfect to throw over your shoulders if need be!

Now, let’s get serious and talk about this bag. Marc Jacobs will always have a place in my heart but this cognac and camera strap combination made my jaw drop. Marc Jacobs took a classic saddle bag to the next level. It’s big enough to fit a notebook and a Fashionista’s/o’s every day essentials AND has a thick camera strap making this bag perfect for walking around campus. From the chunky hardware, to the maroon and green strap, this bag is absolutely beautiful. Marc Jacobs never disappoints.

It all comes down to comfort when walking around campus is your agenda for the day. Pair practically anything with flat ankle boots to give any look a contemporary flair.