ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitters Is Probably Metallic

Metallic colors can make even the simplest of outfits pop and stand out. It is absolutely amazing how a little bit of glitter and shine can add a completely different feel to one’s look. These days, you can find anything in metallic colors like shoes, handbags and even makeup. It’s no longer limited to jewelry, although that will always remain a go-to favorite for this trend. Still, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why are metallic colors so popular?”

Metallic colors fit seamlessly into all sorts of styles from gothic and bohemian, to preppy and sporty. No matter what style you identify with, and it doesn’t have to be just one, finding a way to incorporate a metallic color scheme into your look is possible and surprisingly easy.

For example, this Fashionista has channeled her inner bohemian by wearing a flirty halter with colorful tribal print designs and classic denim shorts. For her shoes, she’s decided to go for strappy, two-tone sandals, which flawlessly adds a metallic element into her look. The bronze strap of the sandal adds a glamorous, fashion-forward feel without drawing away from the earthy theme of the outfit.

This Fashionista has also added more subtle, classic metallic colors into her outfit with jewelry. She keeps things earthy and bohemian with jewel toned earrings and a leather bracelet, but the beads on the bracelet and the watch she’s wearing add that extra bit of shine that takes her look to the next level. Without it, her overall look may have been lacking or a bit bland.

How To: The most popular way to ease into wearing metallic colors is with jewelry like rings and bracelets. If you’re not a huge fan of jewelry, try wearing a gold headband or bronze eyeshadow. For the bolder Fashionistas/os out there, metallic colors make great statement pieces, so go for a glittery silver top or flashy gunmetal bottoms.