ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitters Is Gold

October 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Historically in African culture, gold has been worn to symbolize one’s social status. Kings and queens both adorned themselves in the metal from head to toe. This is often imitated in America where looks are popularized through the ’80s hip hop culture. Door knocker earrings, large rope chains and four finger rings were worn by rappers matching their logo embellished T-shirts and handbags. Today, this still holds true with the young kings and queens that walk across campus. The beauty with jewlery is that it can be worn to elevate any outfit. Let’s take a closer look into this Fashionista’s glistening attire.

Here this Fashionista has a clean color palette wearing gray, high-waisted skinny pants and a black and white striped long sleeve. She wears colors that could have easily been a minimalist look, but she chose a more eclectic approach. This Fashionista pairs her outfit with a pair of white oxfords that are embellished with a gold cap, and wears dainty stackable rings to accessorize. On her arm is an oversized arm cuff that shines perfectly thanks to her cuffed sleeves and she makes a statement with her gold choker.

Hats have become quite the staple accessory within the last year. The rise of Pharrell’s hat (it even has it’s own Twitter account) has us all wanting to own one. Hats are the perfect accessory because they can be worn any time of the year. This Fashionista’s hat has a brim wide enough to protect her eyes from the sun. The bold color instantly switches this look from minimal to eclectic. Additionally, her choice of makeup adds an extra flair making the choice to wear a vampy plum lip instead of a nude color a perfect transition into fall. She completes her look with a vintage textured woven black bag.

How To: Afraid to wear to wear too many accessories? Wear small pieces similar to this Fashionista and go for dainty pieces that collectively make a statement. Stackable rings or an arm cuff are cute elements that add flair. You want your accessory to balance your outfit and  not overpower it.