ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glistens Is Gold

The fall and winter months are my most favorite months of the year. I love the oranges, reds and yellows of the trees in fall, and I love it when the world around me is covered in a blanket of pure white snow during winter. In terms of fashion, I love fall and winter for the vast options of layering and boots just happen to be my all time favorite foot accessory. The colors of clothing items and accessories for this particular time of the year are so rich and earthy, which greatly appeals to my star sign, Virgo. Plus, I’m convinced that everyone can wear and look amazing in a fabulous sweater.

This lovely Fashionista’s outfit just screams, “I’m ready for colder weather!” I’ve spotted her multiple times on campus and her attire is always so unique, fun and worthy of a double take. On this particular blustery fall day, she was wearing a black and gold chevron striped sweater, charcoal high-wasted jeans and black suede boots with fringe. She accessorized her look with multiple gold necklaces, gold bangles and a cute backpack.

The gold details on this Fashionista’s sweater, necklaces, bangles and backpack really helps tie everything together. Every item she is wearing looks like it was made for this ensemble. Not only does she look amazing, but she is also displaying a couple of awesome fashion trends. Her fringe boots are the perfect way to keep the fringe fest from summer alive and the fashionable backpack is a very hot trend.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s super put together look, you can throw on this black sweater with gold button details from ASOS with a pair of gray high-wasted jeans and these fringe stiletto booties. Finish the look with gold layering necklaces and this stunning Michael Kors backpack (in black, of course).