It’s that time of year again here at ‘Cuse… that is, the transition from blistering cold winter temperatures to milder spring days. And with spring inching closer and closer, it’s time to toss aside your lame parka in exchange for something a little bit lighter.

No matter where you shop for that “in-between jacket” always find something comfortable that you can make your own. Why get something simple like a fleece North Face zip up when you can opt for something fun with different patterns and textures? The best part about a jacket is that there are so many options in making the trend your own.

The options for a good jacket seem endless. A great in-between look varies from a super warm, lined denim piece or start the party for spring with a patterned parka. You can even opt for a military-style utility jacket to complete any look. Seriously, army green can make anything look edgy.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to sport good style this time of year. She paired comfortable jeans and a great sweater with a quilted light jacket. She matched her outerwear with quilted sneakers to amp up the look. Her jacket has the power to polish and complete her outfit. The fleece lining makes the piece warm without being bulky, so she can easily sport it to class or even on a night out.

How To: The perfect jacket can go with anything. For a comfortable and put-together look throw on a pair of jeans and statement shoes like this Fashionista, and layer up accordingly. You’re ready to go wherever (just don’t leave your dorm without your jacket)!