December 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the famous Argentinian model Valeria Mazza once said, “It’s more important to know how to mix and match clothes than to spend money.” Being able to mix patterns successfully, without overdoing it or looking tacky, is something most fashion gurus strive for. The trend of mixing and matching is becoming relevant, whether it’s with a skirt and a top or a dress and cardigan. It can be tricky to find the right patterns to pair together, but when done correctly, it can add variety to your look.

The key to mixing two pieces is putting them together in a tasteful way. Bold patterns may not complement each other; likewise, two small patterns can make an outfit appear too busy. By matching a large pattern with a smaller print, you can create a balanced appearance. As demonstrated above by this Fashionista, the large polka-dots on her sweater and the small stripes printed on her vest pair well together and don’t make her outfit appear overworked.

When matching two or more patterns in one outfit, make sure to stick with a similar color scheme. This Fashionista has more of an ability to incorporate different colors into her outfit because her pieces contain versatile shades like gray and white. In an effort to not take away from her sweater and her vest, she finished her outfit off with red flats. The red adds a pop of color to her neutral pivotal pieces.

I’m absolutely in love with this Fashionista’s outfit because both pieces are simple in their design, yet they pair well together. Her outfit stood out to me because of its ability to be adapted for any occasion. She could easily dress her outfit down with converse for a quick trip to the library or dress it up with a mini skirt for an evening out with friends.

How To: It’s easy to mix patterns like this Fashionista did with her look. Try opting for a patterned turtleneck to wear underneath your vest to keep warm during this winter season.