When I spotted this Fashionista, my attention was immediately drawn to her accessories. Take a closer look and yes, she’s styling what you think she is: the choker. Is the utterly ‘90s trend back again?

If you thought chokers went out when Sabrina the Teenage Witch did, think again. However, this time it’s not the same faux tattoo, stretchy chokers that dominated the late ‘90s, but instead a slightly new take on this interesting accessory. Whether it was the solid metal pieces done by Pierre Balmain or the elaborate pieces we saw by Givenchy and Chanel, choker style necklaces certainly made a statement on the runway for spring 2015.

This Fashionista has taken this style and added her own edge. Instead of a single, collared necklace, she layers multiple delicate choker necklaces together. What makes her look so eye-catching is the variation between the length, shape and colors of each necklace. When layered together, they create the sense of wearing one statement accessory that is impossible to go unnoticed.

She is also wearing a pair of dark denim pants, short black booties and a loose black sweater. Adding the layers of necklaces instantly turns a simple, monochromatic outfit into a look with an undeniably edgy flair. This is an easy way to stay casual and neutral when dressing for a full day of class when you still want to add that little extra punch of personal style.

How To: Love the layered look of these necklaces but don’t know where to start? Search for all different styles of necklaces from all different types of retailers. Give some DIY crafting a shot and make a choker of your own. Have fun with it and pretty soon you’ll have a collection of stackable chokers that’s sure to bring edginess and style to any ensemble!