ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black Everything

Wearing too much black is like eating too much chocolate. It’s impossible. Black is that one color you could be decked out in from head to toe and no one will question whether you are competing in an intense game of color war or not. With that being said, the key to putting together an eye-catching all-black outfit is wearing one, or maybe two, ultimate standout pieces.

This Fashionista’s statement piece of choice is a black knit sweater with loose fringe drooping down on either side of her waist. To keep it looking winter appropriate, she layers an identical colored tank top underneath, so as not to leave any unnecessary skin bare. On the bottom, she wears a pair of basic black leggings, a year-round staple item in every girl’s wardrobe. With Starbucks in hand and knee-high boots on her feet, she’s evidently prepared to take on whatever storm might be coming her way.

The final piece de resistance of this outfit is the pom-pom hat. With temperatures reaching below zero some days here in Binghamton, our ears are at a serious risk of freezing off altogether. Because the chance of classes ever being cancelled is as improbable as if I were to win the lottery tomorrow, investing in a thick hat is definitely a good idea.

How To: As if it wasn’t already obvious enough, the answer is black on black on black. Whether you prefer textured jeans or printed leggings with a plain sweater and a beanie or a sweater dress with tights and a headband, the possible combinations are endless and yours to choose from.