ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black Everything

There is no denying that black will be a shade that will live on forever in the fashion world. Featured in almost every runway show known to man, it is safe to say that black is here to stay. This Fashionisto’s all-black ensemble is a perfect reminder as to why the shade is so popular.

With six more weeks of winter ahead of us, there is no arguing that pants and windbreakers are still essential pieces to be wearing here in Florida. When going for an all-black ensemble, it is easy to look drab and washed out due to the lack of color found in your ensemble. One way of avoiding this is to do what this Fashionisto did. By wearing a very unique windbreaker with a loud print on it, this Fashionisto adds some character and sheds some life into his monochromatic outfit. The white print on the jacket, as well as all the white detailing found on his T-shirt and shoes, act as different focal points that carry your eyes through the outfit and the different prints. To add some texture and contrast to his outfit, this Fashionisto went with a pair of black suede high-top sneakers that still contained some of the white detailing that is found in the rest of his outfit. When it came down to accessories, this Fashionisto kept it very minimal with a light gray beanie and a pair of Wu-Tang Clan socks that adds that pop of color to his very monotone look.

How To: An all-black look can be very easy to recreate, but hard to make stand out. One way to create a not-so-drab outfit is by picking black pieces that have loud graphics or bold prints on them. Pair a printed jacket with a graphic T-shirt and you will be sure to have the perfect all-black outfit that will make others jealous!