Every major Fashionista knows it is all about the accessories she puts with her clothes. To be that super unique girl, you need more than just a nice dress. You need to make a statement with some special details. If you want to be the one who always gets people’s attention, try to collect special and bold accessories.

This Fashionista wore a classic maxi dress, but even though her dress was simple, she still caught my eyes due to her accessories and details. Her hat and glasses stand out, as do all her other accessories. Her glasses made her look chic and smart at the same time. She was rocking two big trends. She had fringe on her short booties and a jean shirt tied around her waist. Fringe has become a big thing this season, and most of the designers had fringe in their fashion shows for spring.

Another major trend that was featured in the spring collection was denim, so even if it is just a shirt around her waist, she is still on top with two trends. Furthermore, tying up a jean or plaid shirt around the waist has become a worldwide trend. Girls combine it with all looks. To add onto her jean shirt, she also had a cute little fanny pack (or a belt bag) like Gucci is calling it. Instead of carrying around a big bag, everything she needs fits into the small, compact bag.

Overall, looking at this Fashionista, she stayed simple and chic. The way she combined everything together didn’t make her look like she was trying too hard. However, her look was super on-trend.

How To: If you want to get a similar look, wear a basic dress. It doesn’t have to be a maxi dress. Tie a flannel shirt on your waist. If it’s a hot day and boots won’t work, wear gladiator sandals to keep the outfit interesting. Don’t forget to put on a hat; the bigger the brim of the hat is the more attention you’ll get. But don’t go too big because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.