The adidas emergence has become so incredibly apparent this past year. Both men and women have been seen wearing these trademark sneakers on a day-to-day basis. I have seen them everywhere, from across the school campus to online ads to my favorite TV shows. Adidas has come out with many new styles, as well, including the Stan Smith edition, a shoe with modern prints and bright colors compared to the original three-striped shoe design. I admire their comeback after being around for over 50 years. After buying a pair myself, my dad was so excited to show me his yearbook from the ’70s that revealed a group of him and his friends all rocking their adidas sneakers in high school.

What makes her look work are the accessories that she pairs with her adidas sneakers. The “athleisure” trend has truly taken over women’s fashion. While she is not exactly in workout clothes, incorporating casual sneakers to a fashionable everyday look has only recently become commonplace. The back of her shirt is eye-catching because of the mesh and draped cut outs combination. The top adds color and works well with her cuffed and ripped jeans. The scarf correlates well with her sunglasses, which both had a black and white marble print. There is also silver threading throughout the scarf, which picks up the shine in her simple gold Cartier bracelet. Her feminine accessories are what keep her outfit looking fashionable and cute rather than giving off a tomboy vibe.

How To: College students are constantly on the go, and wearing uncomfortable shoes has taken a back seat. A pair of classic adidas or any sneaker can be worn with many different outfits that you would typically wear boots or sandals with. Adding additional accessories like a scarf, sunglasses or jewelry are what what make the sneakers “fashionable.”