ALL IN THE DETAILS: Acid (Wash) Never Basic

August 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the grueling summer sun rays shine down on us, we all contemplate solutions to beat the heat in super trendy outfits every single day of the season. Realistically, though, as the dog days of summer drag on, our resolve wears off and we end up in old T-shirts and flip-flops, or just simply our bathing suits. However, I’ve learned that a simple way to stay cool – at least fashion-wise – as the weather heats up is to have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe that’ll spice up your outfits, even when it’s way too hot outside that day and you don’t feel like putting in any effort to your look. One such staple piece that will take your summer wardrobe to the next level is the perfect pair of shorts. I’ve found that a unique pair of shorts can easily take your outfit from bland to bold. I look for shorts that stand out but that will easily match most of my tops.

This Fashionista’s trusty pair of shorts is an acid-wash, distressed pair with rips that reveal the white pockets underneath. Excuse the chemistry pun, but it’s an established fact that acid-wash jeans are anything but basic. Paired with her trendy lace-up top and strappy black sandals, the shorts create a grunge look that’s perfect for anything from a summer concert to a night out with the girls. What makes this Fashionista’s shorts ideal is that they are edgy and different but would easily match nearly any of her cute summer crop tops.

The perfect way to complete a trendy summer look is by reaching for a few of your favorite accessories. This Fashionista puts the finishing touches on her edgy ensemble by layering some chic chokers, wearing her go-to watch and slinging a crossbody bag over her shoulder. She’s ready to turn heads on whatever summer adventure the day takes her!

How To: If ripped acid-wash shorts are out of your comfort zone, try finding a simpler pair of shorts that have one unique aspect. Look for cool prints like shorts with a bold color, pattern or a scalloped cut. That way you’ll be sure to stand out while not venturing too far out of your comfort zone.