ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Will Change Your Life

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Will Change Your Life

We all live in a world were everything happens extremely fast. Days fly one after the other. If you are not a morning person like me, paying attention to details while you are half asleep, can be a real challenge. However, details are worth those extra five minutes, because they can literally make the difference between the most basic outfits and the raddest ones on campus.

There are many different types of details that can take your outfit to the next level. Jewelry is a big part of that. Necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings, nose rings, bracelets… There are so many options. Choose your favorites and have fun combining them!

Even though jewelry is the most used, it is not the only important detail. Different patterns and textures can be the key to your success on an outfit. A cool hat or a cozy scarf could be exactly what you need—maybe even a vintage belt or bag. However, always choose something that reflects your personality and your style.

Once you understand how life-changing accessories can be, you can transform and make magic with the simplest outfits, like this rad Fashionista. She combined this amazing pair of jeans, with a cool graphic T-shirt, and added a knot to give it some personality. However, what I thought made this outfit one of those you wish you were the one wearing it, were her accessories. She went for some simple but cool earrings an added the mixture of two chokers with a tiny necklace. These two chokers worked so well together because of the different textures and how they balanced out one another. One was fairly complex and the other simpler, in addition to matching the denim fabric of the jeans.

Another rad detail of this look was the jeans. They are definitely not the usual pair of jeans that everyone else wears. They have these two different shades that look simple but at the same time sets them apart from any other jeans, and definitely makes them unforgettable.

Next time you think your outfit is too plain or neutral, try combining different textured accessories like these chokers. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and finding new combinations; you might surprise yourself.