ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Tryst Of Textures

As the fall weather turns frosty, it’s temping to put on every sweater in sight and leave for class looking like the Michelin man. Fleece becomes everyone’s best friend. For many students, it comes down to deciding between dressing to impress, or making it to class with all limbs still attached. How can you stand out on campus without freezing your buns off? Add a little unexpected texture to your look.

This Fashionista was braving the frigid Milwaukee afternoon in layered neutral tones made edgy with a secondhand leather skirt. “My style is naturally relaxed and boho—I’m kind of a hippie,” the Fashionista explained, “but I love to show off my waist.”  This outfit is full of cozy layers, from a denim button-down to a fur-trimmed anorak, but the leather adds an unpredictable twist. Her legs are warmed up with some wool socks and olive tights, and she sports some well-worn suede booties with laces she added herself. The juxtaposition of textures add warmth and excitement to the monochromatic look, which can easily seem bland.

Because this outfit is all about the textures, too many accessories could draw the eye away. This Fashionista usually tops her outfits off with one accessory, and one only- aside from her shock of flaming red curls. The wooden pendant adds the final unique texture to this luxuriously earthy look.

How To: Adding one sumptuous layer can completely elevate your fall look. Swap out your plain tee for a silk blouse, or rock velvet leggings under your favorite turtleneck sweater, and bask in the opulence. Casual will never be boring again!