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ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Touch of Texture

Hey, the ‘90s called and they say corduroy is back and back with a bang. Textures have become a game changer this season. Mixing fuzzy sweaters with jeans or throwing on a leather skirt with a corduroy jacket has never been more exciting and fashionable. Especially during the start of these winter months, it is important to stay warm and these heavier materials are essential to getting the best of both worlds. The ‘90s trends have made a dramatic comeback with the return of oversized sweaters, funky hats, chokers and chunky boots.

I caught this Fashionista on her way back from work and loved the array of different textures and patterns throughout her outfit. Where her corduroy button-down skirt is the main focus, she contrasts it with a light-wash jean jacket and a thin-striped long sleeve. Her tights, booties,and scarf tie the whole look together and make it look trendy without it being too dressy. Button-down corduroy skirts are the perfect winter piece because the material is heavier and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for. It gives that ‘90s flair that is so in right now but can also be mixed with contemporary fashion. The goal of any trendy piece is to make it unique to your style and this button-down A-line skirt is an interchangeable piece perfect for anyone!

How To: Before the temperatures drop too low, are you ready to rock some corduroy on your way to class or work? Make it your own by pairing this skirt with your favorite sweater and booties. To spice it up, don’t be afraid to add tights or any other winter accessories like earrings or a scarf! Show the world what you’re made of.