February 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

For us college students, we’ve just recently began a new semester with different classes, unfamiliar professors, and exciting opportunities. There was a rush of excitement to get back to school and rock the new jacket you got over break. You know exactly how to begin with a bang the first month back on campus (even if that includes your favorite sweatpants here and there.)

There’s not a better way to celebrate this fresh start than with a touch of floral. Though many would not think of bringing out the daisies as early as February, this outfit will prove that theory wrong. Yes, our favorite Fashionista/os may be breaking some rules but we love it. The delicate embroidery on the burgundy bomber jacket adds just enough detail to make a statement. Black ankle boots and black jeans paired with the florals and soft pink velvet top give this look the perfect amount of edge. The choker pulls all of the light and dark colors together. This ensemble is full of personal style and it’s all in the details.

Some have a keen eye for finding the right classroom the first day back while others have that keen eye for putting together the perfect outfit. It’s no secret that this is a busy time for us, but just a couple details can go a long way. It’s easier than it seems, too. A statement necklace or a printed dress may just be what you’re missing. You can dress well while keeping it simple. Oh, and one of the most important details of all… if you like it, wear it.