With colder temperatures come cozier clothes. All the athleisure clothing available makes the fall season even better, especially for fashion. Not everyone enjoys dressing up every day, especially for those early morning classes you may struggle getting up for. How do you still look as though you didn’t roll out of bed? It’s all about the pieces you choose! Being baggy head to toe can look a little sloppy, so wearing a fitted shirt with looser and stylish pants will balance you it out. Also, including patterns can help switch up an outfit. Plaid is always a great autumn pattern to throw into your look.

This Fashionisto has mastered the athleisure look. He has taken a basic, white T-shirt and paired it with gray joggers. This is a good base for an outfit since he can add any colors or patterns layered on top of it. He then incorporated color and pattern with a blue, red and white hooded flannel that gives him a casual, yet nicer appearance. The stark white shirt helps make the colors in the plaid sweatshirt pop. He finishes off his ensemble with his favorite pair of black Vans, which can easily go with many of his other outfits. If he wanted to dress up this look to look less athletic, he could quickly switch out his gray joggers for a pair of nice jeans.

How To: Guys and girls can easily rock athleisure! Find a pair of joggers in a neutral color so that they’re versatile for other outfits. Then, pair them with a fitted top of a different neutral color (white is always a great choice). Pair a colorful and patterned sweatshirt or hooded flannel with this look to really make it pop. Finally, wear Vans, Converse or an athletic shoe to finish off your look.