ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Sweater For Bad Weather

It is nearly a month into the semester and the last thing any student wants to worry about is unpredictable fall weather. College is fast-paced and demanding, and to walk out on a chilly day in shorts and tank top is often a huge disappointing and time consuming setback. Thankfully, we are now quickly approaching the time of the year we have all been waiting for, sweater weather.

This Fashionista wore a patterned kimono sweater with a white tank top and blue jeans. The look is casual and comfortable, which is perfect for the gloomy weather. The sweater is the main component of the outfit with a white pixelated pattern that stands out against the neutral color. Paired with a simple top and jeans, this sweater is both functional for the weather and fashionable.

Accessories for this look include a pair of cute gray booties and a silver geometric necklace. The accessories continue the theme of a neutral color palette, matching well with the overcast outside. A simple pair of jeans and a top are the perfect base to dress up or down during this chilly season and with the addition of a sweater you’ll never have to fret about leaving the house under-dressed again.

How To: Getting this look is simple. Put on your favorite pair of jeans and a simple top, dust off your sweaters from winter’s past and have a blast mixing any sweater with this simple look. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, add accessories as you please.