It’s quite the challenge to put together a tasteful outfit with any sort of neon color in it. Too much neon yellow and you’ll look like a highlighter. Too much neon green and you’ll look like you just got slimed on Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Too much neon pink and you’ll look like a walking advertisement for Pepto Bismol. The key is moderation when it comes to rocking bright neon colors, and that’s why I chose to feature this week’s Fashionista.

Her bright pink purse made her stand out in the crowd of relatively dull backpacks and purses. I literally spotted her purse from across the street on campus and had to hunt her down so I could feature her. Although I’m usually not a fan of the color pink, there was something about her purse that made me see the color’s edgy, fashion-forward potential.

If you’re afraid of the tacky reputation of neon colors, then shed those inhibitions, ladies! As long as you wear it in moderation and stick to one standout accessory in a bright color you’ll be sure to look fashionable without looking like you belong at an ‘80s-themed party. There are plenty of ways to rock the neon trend. You can go the same route as this Fashionista, opting for a brightly-colored cross-body purse. Or, if you’re not a cross-body bag kind of gal, try a trendy envelope handbag or tote.

How To: Start by picking out a brightly-colored purse as the focal point of your outfit. Then go for a plain top and dark jeans so you can let the purse do the talking.