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ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Piercing Sense of Style

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Piercing Sense of Style

At first glance, this outfit may seem simple to the untrained eye. A pair of high-waisted jeans paired with a classic collared shirt is the perfect outfit for going out on a sunny fall day. While this casual day-to-day outfit may seem simple, if you look closer you can see that this it is filled with hidden gems that tie this look together seamlessly.

When thinking about accessories, many are quick to reach for a purse or a nice pair of shoes, but what about body modifications and hair styles? From head to toe, this gorgeous Fashionista is covered in out of the box accessories. Symmetry is something that many find to be very pleasing to the eye, and incorporating it into an outfit is a great way to give any look a polished and put-together effect. This Fashionista knocked the symmetry in her outfit out of the park.

Most of the detail from this look stems from the symmetrical accessories that frame her face. The first set of details that drew me in were the piercings on her nose and upper lip. The color and beautiful shine that these pieces of jewelry give off a subtle yet very elegant; they are a statement that simply can’t be ignored. Just like the piercings, her bold hair gives the look a unique and personal twist. Her exclusive half black-half blonde bangs are unarguably the most prominent detail in this outfit. To add even more flare, she added some gold seashell earrings and threw on a gorgeous pair of specs.

Another popular aesthetic in fashion, aside from symmetry, is color coordination. Stepping back from the face and looking at the outfit as a whole, one can see that all the colors and aspects of the outfit align. The shirt, although predominantly yellow, has a touch of red that creates a stunning and intricate pattern. Pairing this shirt with a pair of red flats was a creative way to accentuate the details in the shirt, as well as add a pop of color. While the shirt is an outstanding feature in this outfit, another example of color coordination that this fashionista displayed was her jewelry. The three gold rings that reside on her fingers match with her earrings exceptionally well and are a great way to finish off the look.