ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Perfect Poncho

As if the title doesn’t already drop hints at all of you, I think ponchos might be one of the most perfect accessories and greatest fashion come-backs of all time. This Fashionista caught my eye due to the simplicity of her details, and how fabulous the outfit looked all together.

With the winters being cold and snowy in upstate New York and Northeast Ohio, staying warm is an absolute must. The problem, however, is that so many young college students aren’t always willing to put forth the time and/or money to search for a stylish jacket that will keep them warm and looking cute. Luckily, there is a way to kind of cheat the system, and that would be to start wearing ponchos.

Let me start by saying, I definitely do not suggest replacing your beloved winter parka for an acrylic poncho sweater from Target. However, there is no need to wear only heavy sweatshirts and bulky, unattractive sweaters under your coats. Ponchos are like a happy medium, if you will—you can still stay warm due to the thermal retention of the fabric, and you can look beyond adorable when you take your coat off once you get to class. Not to mention, almost all of the ponchos from Target are very reasonably priced, so you don’t need to go breaking the bank in order to look cute while staying warm.  Underneath this top layer, this Fashionista is wearing a gray turtleneck sweater dress from American Eagle Outfitters.  Again, looking cute AND staying warm… who would’ve thought? I, personally, am a huge supporter of all things turtleneck, so I adore how this layered look came together on our Fashionista here. As far as the rest of her details go, the simple silver Alex and Ani bracelets as well as the delicate silver necklace add a little extra finish that we wouldn’t have seen if she had just left the poncho as her only accessory. To top it off, our Fashionista chose to wear knee-high boots and boot socks to keep the bottom half of her body comfy and cozy.

While we are technically approaching spring, (at least in my eyes, we are seeing the beginning of a new year) these next couple of months run the risk of being brutally cold. I encourage you all to try to find a way every once in a while to look cute while staying warm, you will be amazed at how good you feel throughout your day. Happy January friends! Stay warm out there.