ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Goes A Long Way

In the fashion industry or just in everyday life people are searching for something “different” or extraordinary. Staying on the topic of fashion it has been made clear that certain designers like to think outside the box and create very exquisite pieces. Sometimes those pieces aren’t always wearable to the average person but this Fashionista shows us how to incorporate statement clothing simplistically and strategically in an easygoing way.

Usually fall is the time for jewel tones and festive colors but remember that saying, “a little goes a long way”? Our Fashionista is applying that very quote to her style this autumn. This look can be dressed up for a business meeting or given an edgy flare for a girl’s night out. It’s all in the small features of each garment that make this outfit truly unique. The trimming on the semi-open pant legs and red woven within the scarf matching the red lipstick are just two examples of how to turn something simple into something special. These pieces are sadly one of a kind and were designed by Gulsheen Kaur, a fashion design student at Kent State University. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!     I’ve got inexpensive alternatives that will give you the same fun flare in the “How To” section. All of these items are from Forever 21 so they are super affordable and always interchangeable! These options aren’t just for fall since we used neutral colors and light weight clothing which is a great way to get your moneys worth. Each of these garments has a special detail that gives the look an effortless affect. Always remember the golden rule of taking one article of clothing or jewelry (or even makeup) off before you leave the house since “a little goes a long way.”

How To: Who doesn’t love affordable clothes? Especially when you are living on a college budget! A pair of tapered trousers can easily be worn in the fall. To go with that I chose this black crop top. Can you ever really go wrong with a blazer? Obviously you can choose whichever color you prefer but I chose a single-button knit black blazer. There should be another color added into this look and that’s where the ever-so-popular color of burgundy comes into play. These faux patent leather boots will compliment the ribbed knit crop top very well. It’s all about the small detail whether it’s patterns or trimming have fun and be creative!