ALL IN THE DETAILS: A 'Lil Bit of Bralette Won't Hurt

October 11th, 2016 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: A 'Lil Bit of Bralette Won't Hurt

It’s that time of the semester, if you all know what I mean. We’ve all started to reach our breaking points. From overloaded schedules to picking out the perfect Halloween costume, life just isn’t slowing down. Those group projects have us stressed out enough, but add looking presentable for class to the mix and the world as we all know it just might collapse. We spend the entire day just looking for an extra five minutes to kick back and relax, but to no avail!

Save the drama for the theatre majors and make a simple, but effective statement just like this Fashionista! Whoever said you can’t look tough and feminine at the same time never saw this Fashionista rock an outfit. This look is the perfect balance between feminine details with masculine-inspired touches. The unifying factor of this outfit happens to be this Fashionista’s understated lace bralette in a forest green color. With just enough of this beautiful little detail peeking through from underneath her black and white plaid button-down, this Fashionista has nailed the model-off-duty look while strutting from class to class. This look works in part due to the oversized fit of the button-down shirt, which allows the bralette to peek through without appearing overly showy. The bralette commands attention through pairing this look with a simple pair of black leggings and moccasins. This Fashionista has clearly been taking her street style cues to heart, and to her closet.

If you’re hoping to take this look off campus, switch out your comfy slippers for a pair of slightly less comfortable ankle boots. The added style impact will instantly elevate this look, and have people questioning if they just saw the likes of Kendall Jenner pass them by.

So, unbutton a button or two, and let your pretty bralette peek through!