ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Glimmer of Gold

June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Wearing neutral-colored clothing serves as a perfect canvas to pile on accessories. The wonderful thing about wearing demure colors is that it instantly draws all of the attention to the smaller details of your outfit, and one of the easiest ways to elevate your look is through wearing statement accessories, especially if your accessories take on a matching color theme. Your ensemble can instantly look more put together and more thought-out. One popular and timeless trend is either working with warm-toned golden hues or silver-toned jewelry for a cooler effect. Although subtle, wearing all silver jewelry versus all golden jewelry can give off a completely different vibe: silver jewelry adds a more youthful, bold and artsy touch, while golden jewelry adds a heavier finish and a more refined aura. Of course, wearing silver or gold is just a matter of taste!

The pivotal point of this Fashionista’s outfit is her use of golden-toned jewelry to amp up her outfit. She begins with a simple, yet adorable, gray knit dress and throws on a dusty blue military parka for a casual vibe. Her simple dress serves as the perfect canvas to feature her statement golden choker with a dangling crystal pendant, as well as her more delicate Elements necklace. To keep the warm tones going, she adds a glimmer of gold with simple, dangling triangular earrings and an incredible hydrangea bracelet on her wrist. Although jewelry can be expensive, investing in quality jewelry can serve as timeless and durable closet staples in the long run! This Fashionista maintains the neutral color palette with classic black heels and lace socks for a feminine finishing touch.

How To: Want your jewelry to stand out? Remember to avoid loud prints and colors that might distract from your accessories. Keep your colors neutral for a clean silhouette.