ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Gentleman's Guide to Form and Refinement

Walking down College Avenue, I notice the colorful remains of warm leaves as I make my way to class. Pictures of pumpkin picking and pumpkin spice lattes flood my Instagram feed. Rutgers, autumn is officially here.

Style changes follow seasonal changes. Khaki shorts are replaced with khaki pants, sweaters are worn over button-down shirts and oxford shoes make a reappearance. Outfits are becoming less relaxed and more refined. Autumn marks the return of the collegiate prep look. This Fashionisto pairs a tan, merino sweater with an oxford button-down shirt. His burgundy chinos complement the warm tones of fall nature. Over the sweater he wears a tweed, herringbone coat–textures embodying collegiate life and adding an air sophistication to the outfit.

To this Fashionisto, collegiate prep isn’t just his fashion style—it’s also his lifestyle. When you dress preppy, you become a gentleman. Collegiate prep is his lifestyle because when you dress proper, you want to be proper. It’s an extension of personal values. Drawing inspiration from fashion bloggers, this Fashionisto enjoys creating timeless looks that exemplify refinement.

His accessories bring the outfit to an elevated level and tie the outfit together in a refined manner. This Fashionisto cuffs the hem of his khakis a little to reveal his burgundy socks with small printed diamonds. In the pocket of the tweed coat, there’s a silk pocket square in a similar burgundy color and diamond pattern. The ring on his finger also contains a stone in a reddish hue and altogether these elements contribute to feelings of refinement while adding in the warmth of the fall season. There’s a subtle anchor on his leather belt, reminiscent of Martha’s Vineyard and the preppy fashion there. If you find yourself wearing a sweater on a chilly fall day, make yourself stand out by adding accessories like his!

How To: The collegiate prep style is more subtle, so keep your accessories simple! When choosing clothes, pay more attention to how the clothes fit you than what the brands are.