When thinking of fringe, there are usually two things that come to mind: The wild west, and the overly present bohemian trend. However, when I spotted this Fashionista at a local bookstore my idea of fringe changed drastically.

Her velvet cable crop top with dainty fringe covering the midriff brings a fresh take on one of the most iconic decades of fashion. The ’20s brought a new sense of rights to feminine self-expression, and with those rights came freedom. The fashion and art of the time reflected this new found freedom with shorter hemlines and intricate detail. The fashion of this decade hasn’t gone out of style in the past nearly 100 years and I don’t see it happening any time soon. Don’t be afraid to find your inner flapper girl.

She keeps the simplistic beauty of the top the main focus of the outfit by paring it with a pair of denim shorts and pine green microsuede loafers. To balance out the intricacy of top she added a blinged-out pair of earrings similar to these ones.

While this 1920s look is one to take notes on, I was initially drawn to this Fashionista’s undeniable natural beauty. She represents what I feel is too often lacking from society, which is the ability for women, and men, to be fearlessly authentic. Her confidence radiated off of her beautiful skin, vibrant hair and the way she carried herself. She allowed her beauty to speak for itself without the use of gobs of makeup. I just knew that behind that rad outfit was a rad message to share.

How To: Find a killer piece and make it the focus of your look. Always use accessories strategically to complement the main piece of your outfit, because you never want to overdo it. Turn your fringe from music festival to elegant by drawing inspiration from the ‘20s. Velvet and fringe can be an intimidating combination but if you wear it with confidence it will make anyone take a second look. Finally, never be afraid to be authentically you and let your natural beauty shine through.