ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Different Kind of Superstar

October 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

For the past few months, there has been an influx of all-white sneakers flooding the streets of New York City. In particular, Stan Smiths and adidas Original Superstars are in heavy demand and can be seen on almost every other person who passes by. I must admit, I am one of these people (it took me three months to find these shoes in my size), and I love my clean, white Superstars more than anything. However, at times, following the trends can feel a little too conforming. So, you ask—is there a way to be a part of the trends, yet still stand out as an individual? Absolutely!

This Fashionista exemplifies this idea perfectly, as she dons a pair of Rita Ora and adidas collaborated Superstars. I spotted this pair of shoes from across Washington Square Park, as they stood out amongst a sea of white and black striped adidas Original Superstars. These shoes are sure to be a piece that differentiates you from the crowd, allowing originality and uniqueness to shine through. The bright hues and dragon pattern that fills the usually black stripes deliver some extra color and interesting detail into these shoes, making them the most eye-catching element of the ensemble. 

To ensure that these shoes are the focal point of the outfit, this Fashionista keeps the rest of her look simple. She sports a forest green, short sleeve T-shirt dress, perfect for this transitional period between summer and fall. The dress, which is breezy and comfortable, keeps her cool in the summer heat, while the forest green color channels the feeling of fall. To accessorize, this Fashionista dons a black, leather cross-body bag, adding some structure to her otherwise casual outfit. This purse is simple yet classic, continuing to allow the attention to be drawn to her cool footwear.

How To: If you are looking to participate in some of this season’s trends, yet want to keep your originality a bit, take a hint from this Fashionista. Look to sneaker collaborations with different artists and stars to spice up the original, classic version of shoes. In doing so, you will still be a part of the trend, just in your own way. And who doesn’t love standing out a bit?