ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Classic Statement

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Classic Statement

Do you ever wonder how to transform your favorite basic T-shirt or button-down into a more fashionable look? The answer is in the form of an accessory that is an absolute closet must-have: a statement necklace. These dazzling pieces of jewelry have the ability to bring any outfit from drab to fab. These necklaces enhance a variety of styles ranging from preppy to grunge looks.

This Fashionista is a prime example that pairing basics with a bold piece of jewelry truly enriches an outfit. She is wearing a statement necklace, a plain white long sleeve T-shirt paired with a black cardigan, blue jeans and black riding boots. Her white long sleeve T-shirt truly challenges the no white after Labor Day myth, proving that the neutral color is hot for any season! This Fashionista’s chic ensemble is perfect for going to class or even on a dinner date.

The statement necklace trend is all the rage now because they are eye-catching additions to your ensemble that reflect your individual style. After all, every outfit needs a dose of sparkle. Whether you’re sporting your favorite plain T-shirt or an elegant cocktail dress, statement necklaces allow you to complete any ensemble.

How To: Statement necklaces come in a variety of colors and styles. It may seem baffling at first to decide which type would truly enhance your look. Have no fear. For simple, monochromatic or neutral outfits, pair a bright and fun necklace. A collared shirt or cocktail dress usually looks fabulous with a sparkly necklace. These are only a few ideas, but remember to have fun while dressing your outfit up with statement necklaces! Overall, the accessory is a unique and cohesive element for any Fashionista’s look.