ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Bohemian's Dream

Winter can have Fashionistas bundling up and dressing for the winter weather instead of looking fabulous! So as we dream for summer days laying by the pool every once in a while a beautiful day will come around. Here in North Carolina, you can have one of those tease kind of days where it’s 60 degrees and sunny! On those special occasions make sure you break out those new stylish items you have been dying to wear! Don’t let that warm weather pass you by!

This Fashionista was happy and glowing with the warmer weather, playful in patterns with a sweater dress and sassy in her gorgeous floppy hat! The floppy hat is essential! If you’re feeling shy it can cover your face, feeling down you can wear it with sunglasses and no one will bother you and if you’re feeling fabulous you can add this accessory to your outfit and it will give it that extra spark of style!

The floppy hat is so versatile you can wear it with almost anything! It is cute and comfortable and the best part is if you’re having a bad hair day no one will ever know! This accessory is such a hot trend right now you have to have it in your closet!  It will spice up any ordinary outfit and certainly make you a Fashionista on your campus!

How To: Can’t find something really cute to wear? Grab a pair of jeans, a T-shirt or sweater, a lipstick and throw on your floppy hat and you instantly you have a cute outfit in no time at all!