The polar vortex is slowly approaching and with its cold temperatures come cooler colors. The snow and sub-zero temperatures often leave me holed up in my room with nothing but Netflix and the warmth of my laptop. With the gloominess of the skies forming a daily presence, it’s easy to lie in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. Just because you just rolled out of bed doesn’t mean an outfit should reflect the fact you were barely had the energy to put on a pair of pants. Even though I wish that I could spend every day wearing sweats and an oversized sweatshirt, I’ve made it my resolution to embrace the shifting temperatures. The changing seasons can result in seasonal affective disorder or SAD but unlike Picasso’s Blue Period monochromatic outfits can be RAD instead.

This Fashionista chose a blue bomber jacket to liven up the gloomy winter. The floral pattern on the jacket breaks up the grays and blues, and livens the outfit with the daisies. A bomber jacket, thick or thin, also is great for winter because it provides an extra layer of warmth under any and all sleeping bag parkas. Throwing a jacket over a T-shirt and jeans is a simple way to dress up a simple outfit. Thicker bomber jackets are a great layer for warmer days when the wind is blowing hard, especially if your university sits on the lake. This outfit was finished off with a simple pair of jeans, gray T-shirt and a pair of patterned navy slip-ons. Wearing blues and grays doesn’t always have to be drab, add a fun jacket to make it fab.

How To: Throwing a jacket on is a simple and lazy way to dress up an outfit and adding a floral pattern in the winter will warm up any cold feelings the weather harbors. Navy details can be made lively with different patterns to brighten up this winter season.