ALL IN THE DETAILS: '90s Throwback

The ’90s have been a prevalent trend amongst Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s. Stone-washed denim, chocker necklaces and turtlenecks have been on the rise as many search between the discarded clothing of yesteryear in thrift and vintage shops. Our generation has reverted back to its born era origins, even watching things like ’90s Nickelodeon and Friends. This has caused ample inspiration for the cropped shirts and ripped light wash jeans it seems everyone’s sporting these days.

Our Fashionista has definitely got the pre-2000s look down and is really rocking it. Color is definitely this Fashionista’s friend as she rocks a very detailed and unique look. She channel’s here inner ’90s by using lose light wash denims and stark white tennis shoes. This era is also shown through the choker style necklaces and bright pink tinted sunglasses. Her blue and white striped shorts add even more character, paired with some traditional black tights. The best part of this outfit is the vibrant, one shoulder backpack which ads the perfect amount of color to her outfit. Even the detail of her light pink hair seals the deal for this look. Want to channel your ’90s self?

How To: Focus on wearing tighter tops with looser bottoms, there always needs to be a balance of adherence to your body. Look for the essential vintage crop top at thrift stores instead of going to buy new ones. Try to find that one item, like this Fashionista’s backpack, that really demonstrates your intended time period.