ALL IN THE DETAILS: '90s Chunky Heels

If you haven’t already realized it, a lot of ’90s trends are back in style. From flannels and half-up scrunchie hair-dos to chokers and crop tops, many Fashionistas are looking to the edgy grunge trends that were in style in the ’90s, all while putting modern twists on them. In middle school, I remember looking back at pictures from when my mom used to dress me wondering why she put those silly scrunchies in my hair, yet here I am now wondering where I can buy one.

While this Fashionista rocks ’90s trends from head to toe, the highlight of her outfit for me are her chunky platform heels. They are simplistic in their single color and rubber/plastic composition, but it takes someone who is daring and bold to pull these off. These are shoes I wish I could wear. They remind me of shoes my childhood Barbies had.

This Fashionista seems to be daring and bold by her fashion choices and attitude, but what allows her to choose these shoes is the rest of her outfit which keeps her modern and classy rather than dated and trashy. She sports the half-up hair-do which is super easy, carefree and trendy to do—her first ’90s trend on display. She also rocks a crop top with a high neckline—her second ’90s trend on display. She pairs this with a high-waisted bodycon midi skirt. Midi length is very on-trend this season and is the modern twist that gives this look a breath of fresh air. It is also notable how you can pair a midi skirt with the high neckline of the crop top to create the perfect balance of concealment and exposure. This Fashionista is also very ’90s in the sense that she keeps it monochromatic wearing black and white while accessorizing with black, gold and silver accents in her jewelry. As I said, she really screams ’90s from head to toe but in a modern, fashionable way, not in the sense that she’s heading to a themed party.

How To: It’s not too late in the season to wear sandals like these! The weather in the fall is always very unpredictable, and I’m hoping to get in a few more sandal-styled outfits before a harsh winter hits. While this Fashionista is dressed for class, an outfit like this could be worn out on the town, or the top could be swapped out and this outfit could be worn to work. Just look to the ’90s and remember the simplicity when putting together an outfit featuring such bold shoe choices. And if you don’t get a chance to wear chunky platform sandals before it gets too cold, there are always chunky platform closed toe shoes!