It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, and it applies not only to people, but to eras, as well. Decades that we admire, for one reason or another, have a large influence on how we carry ourselves today. Most designers even have a time period that they draw their inspiration from, thus continuing the cycle of never-ending trends. The ’70s, responsible for its creation of bell bottoms and earth toned patterns, is the inspiration of this Fashionista’s look, and in fact, most of her wardrobe.

Busy patterns and textures can be hard to pull off, but this Fashionista nails it by sticking with classic earth tone colors. Her vintage corduroy jacket ties all the elements together with its long and slightly flared fit. It’s lightweight, but lined, so it’s the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. The cream colored turtleneck worn underneath brightens up the ensemble and makes the paisleys in the skirt pop. Since the skirt has a upholstered texture, it was a great idea to color match to keep the outfit modern and not a costume.

The accessories of this outfit were another nod to the ’70s, but could easily be pieces worn in other outfits. Oversized shades are a must for sunny days and the orange hue adds to the warm color palette of the look. The knee-high boots are comfortable and flattering, providing this Fashionista with extra coverage from the frequent campus winds. With pieces so versatile, you can carry your ’70s infatuation with you in any outfit you choose.

How To: For a ’70s-inspired look, try a paisley printed piece like this Fashionista’s skirt. Dressed up or down, it’s an iconic design that will bring a ’70s vibe to your entire outfit.