It seems as though deconstruction has captured the hearts and minds of the youth once more. From a young age I have been interested in how things are put together and how this contributes to their effectiveness. This technique is often used in design, especially when considering the best ways to improve upon a product. In fashion specifically, we use deconstruction as a reflection on what is going on socially and sometimes those fads stick around for multiple trend cycles. I always love a trend that ends up staying around for a while and sometimes even becomes a classic because that just speaks to the flexibility and ever changing ways of the industry.

With deconstruction coming back in a big way, we are seeing tears, fringes and intentional patchwork like never before. And it has been interpreted in street looks in a variety of ways. This Fashionista demonstrates a new take on ripped jeans with strategic tears and even some gaping holes.

Ripped jeans are great for a casual look or to bring a little edge to your wardrobe. For this look, the Fashionista pairs the jeans with a simple oversized T-shirt and color-blocked black and white sandals. This is a great look for hanging out with friends for the day and can instantly be switched up with a dressier top and some heels. This look is a great example of how people are definitely favoring a more intentional torn look this time around. This Fashionista rocks tears in her jeans that are a little boxier, bringing intention to the overall style.

How To: When going for a casual look, you would want to find a less structured but still intentional looking torn jeans. If the stores that you frequent don’t have what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to add some of you own tears, or even starting fresh and creating your own look! Grab an oversized T-shirt (I love looking in sleepwear or in the men’s department for looser shirts) and some sandals and you’re good to go. As far as accessories go, you can never do too much or too little—so just have fun with it!