ALL IN THE DETAIL: The Fresh Prints of Bel-Air

The ’90s, in my opinion, were possibly the greatest time for fashion and TV Shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell had outfits saturated with crazy prints and matching with a mixture of patterns and solids, the fashion of the ’90s basically spoke for itself.

Taking you a few years ahead, take a look at the menswear line for DRYKORN spring/summer 2013, which features a collection of sleek, edgy, designs with a combination of playful patterns and prints. Looking to the more dressy side, this Fashionisto’s outfit creates a similar take on DRYKORN’s spring and summer 2013 collection with his use of creative patterns atop of a solid colored base.

With his eye-catching tie this Fashionisto takes primary colors to the next level. The red tufted print tie against the light blue shirt creates a contrast that causes the red to POP and draws your attention directly to it. The tufted print almost always gives me a sort of regal king-like feel and is an excellent detail to a neutral outfit. His pants a cool gray color also gives the tie a soft background to reflect off of.

To see the second detail, the Fashionisto had to lift up his pants a little to revel the patterned socks that he was hiding from me. A tad eccentric but very DRYKORN-esque, these patterned socks colors complemented the red and blue by being a combination of both, purple. The red stripes on the socks brought it back to the red tie and kept to this Fashinisto’s color scheme.

The icing on the cake was of course the gold accents that came from the gold Michael Kors watch and the gold tie clip. A simple set that ups the classiness a bit.

How To: Want to incorporate patterns and prints to a simple out fit? Get a neutral canvas for your outfit, like a solid shirt and throw on some printed pants or just printed shoes. Keep your outfit unique and stand out from the plain johns.