ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS: All this Glitter is Gold

Can we just talk about how it snowed last week and then this week it is 65 degrees outside and sunnier than Philadelphia? I think the most depressing part about this is that I haven’t even gotten to wear all of my sweaters yet, and I just bought a brand new pair of Chelsea, fur-lined rain boots. I mean, Hey, I’m not complaining… who doesn’t love the sun? The problem is that if you are anything like me, all of your summer clothes have been pushed to the back of your closet, which means that on one of those 8:00 a.m. days you’ve got to dig, and let’s face it “ain’t nobody got time for that.” When this happens, all we can do is put together a simple outfit and make is all about the details.

This Fashionista made her look very fashionable, yet simple, by throwing on a plain spaghetti strap tank with a pair of palazzo pants. By the way, if you have never gotten the chance to wear a pair of palazzo pants, you are missing out because I swear I’m wearing high fashion pajama’s every time! This look is great for a day out, going to the park or even that 8:00 a.m. class we talked about earlier. She finally then dressed the entire thing up by making it again, all about the details.

How To: Most crazy hair days can be solved with some sunglasses and dangly earrings of course. Once you pair it all with a watch and some bangles; BAM, you’re officially a college Fashionista.