8 Things to Consider Before Moving to New York City

I’ve always dreamed of moving to New York City one day. Hence the “one day” because I could never imagine that day would arrive—just, you know, wishful thinking. I did, however, picture what I would do if the day ever became a reality. I’ve always told myself the first thing I would do when I would get off the plane and arrived at the airport would be to plug in my headphones and immediately play “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift; that’s it, nothing else. (And I am acutely aware of how cliché that is.)

Funny thing is I never thought of doing anything else. Maybe it was because I didn’t think it would ever happen, or because I was too busy fantasizing about how awesome the song would sound the moment I played it. Truth is, imagining something you want isn’t harmful. If anything, it gives you the motivation to reach that goal.

Fast-forward to present day and numerous internship applications later (I lost track of the actual number after about twenty), and I was offered an internship in New York City! All those hours put in were finally worth it after receiving that congratulations email.

Now, I will admit, I am still in denial about moving to New York City for the summer—it honestly feels like a miracle. So, if you’re about to move to a new city, or plan to in the future, here are eight things to do to mentally, financially, and physically prepare yourself for the big move and adventure ahead! (Photo via @mmoor)

1. It’s okay to ask for help.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. If you know friends and family who have made a similar move, reach out to them! Odds are they’ve been through the things you’re about to go through, and they can be a great guide to pointing you to the right direction. Their help is vital. (Photo via @cfashionista)

2. Research.

It’s important for you to do research about the place you are interning for, and the location you are moving to. The more information you know about the place, the more confident you will feel about taking on any situation that comes before you. Knowledge is power, and a resourceful tool. (Photo via @thatchiclex)

3. Google maps is your friend.

When I obtained the address of where I was interning and where I was going to live, I used google maps to pinpoint where everything was located. This tool helped me figure out what street names and cities were close by, what subway trains were close to me, and how much time it would take for me to get to point A and point B. It’s important for you to know where exactly you are located. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

4. Apartment hunting takes time and patience.

I never realized how stressful finding a home was till I had to do it myself. I honestly felt for my parents in those moments of hunting, because it is indeed not an easy task to handle. However, it’s not impossible. It’s important for you to search and use all the resources  provided for you. If you’re apartment hunting, consider college campuses, Facebook groups, and even Craigslist. There are many college campuses out there that offer intern housing to students. I will admit they are pricy, but it’s a place to start and great way to compare prices. Facebook also has groups dedicated to finding homes. I luckily found my apartment room on a group called “Gypsy Housing NY,” where people list apartment rooms and sublets for a period of time. (Photo via @sarahgargano29)

5. Don’t choose any place out of desperation.

Make sure you find out more information beyond any listing. You want to make sure that the landlord is trustworthy, real, and helpful. You also want to make sure that the place you are interested in looks like the images posted. I personally reached out to my landlord, asked for photos and even scheduled a room tour before deciding on anything. Be as thorough as possible, compare prices, and list more than one option. This is the time to be picky, while also being reasonable. (Photo via @mmoor)

6. Consider having a roommate.

New York City is an expensive place to live. Heck, moving in general is an expensive situation. A good way to cover expenses and split living costs is finding a roommate. My roommate to-be is a fellow Style Guru! I met her after I saw a post she posted about looking for a roommate. We eventually teamed up and helped each other out. Getting a roommate also relieves the stress of having to tackle everything on your own. If either of you is in need of help, the other can aid. You also have a travel buddy and someone to experience a new place with. It’s less scary and more exciting. (Photo via @cfashionista)

7. Save, save, save.

As I mentioned before, moving is expensive. Therefore, it is important to save every penny you can for before, during, and after the move. If there is no need for you to waste money, then don’t. Just save it and pretend like it isn’t there. I know it’s hard to do, but it’s doable. If you feel financially secured and have calculated and estimated your expenses, then you will feel better about the whole process. (Photo via @brisaamarr)

8. Congrats on finding a home! You can now buy your plane ticket and start packing!

Once you’ve figured out where you’ll be living, calculated your expenses, and have a good idea of your new city; you are now ready to purchase your one-way ticket! The only thing left to do is to pack and decide on what to take with you. (Photo via @brisaamarr)

Are you moving to a new city soon? Anything you are doing to prepare? I would love some more advice so sound off in the comments below!