Add This Podcast to Your Fall Semester Playlist

During my junior year of college, I took a listening class where I had to listen to seven hours worth of a material from a podcast. I thought it would be the most dreadful assignment I would ever have. Strangely enough, I became hooked on the podcast series Pop Fashion. Podcasts are like magazines for your ear. All the content you need is available without having to stay focused on one item. You can listen to them straight from a website or application, or you can download and have the ability to listen to them offline. Listening to a podcast can be mesmerizing. Hearing someone’s voice and having them put expression into it makes the story really come to life.

PHOTO: Daisa Harris

If you’re not listening to this podcast already, you should be! Pop Fashion is described as a podcast for fashion, news, trends, business, and fashion crime. They air on a weekly basis, and each episode tends to be in anywhere between 54 minutes to an hour. More importantly, I enjoy the fact that they don’t stick to the basics of fashion. They are smart and insightful. For instance, they touch upon retail, politics, food, and e-commerce (since everything ties back to fashion).

PHOTO: Daisa Harris

The hosts of the show, Lisa and Kaarin, are hilarious! They keep you entertained and tell you honest facts without sugarcoating the news. Kaarin and Lisa don’t have voices that put you to sleep or are super obnoxious that after five minutes of listening you wish you never hit play. You will get all the facts and they keep the information simple and easy to follow along. You don’t have to be an expert Fashionista to keep up with these ladies.

Add this to your weekly agenda and sync this to your Bluetooth speaker while you’re lounging at home. What other podcasts are you listening to? Comment your favorites below!

Additional photos by Daisa Harris.