8 Trends We'll Be Wearing In 2017

While this time of year is all about reflections, it’s also about looking ahead. Don’t wait until the ball drops to start living the “2017 life.” Step into the future and try wearing some trends now that are sure to be huge in the new year.

Check out these eight trends we will for sure be rocking (and often) in 2017.

1—Hoodie dresses. Forget sweater or even T-shirt dresses, the hoodie is where it will be at in the new year. (Photo via @_stylewithstella)


2—The next big thing in DIY. Forget patches, taking some scissors and cropping and fraying your denim is the next big thing in DIY fashion trends. (Photo via @leytonpee)


3—Sheer metallics. We love sheer; we love metallics. Take those two together and we, well, are loving this ’90s trend that is destined to be big in ’17. (Photo via @02sydney)


4—Ultra feminine. This trend proves the future really is female. (Photo via @zeemsmith)


5—Lucite heels. If we were clairvoyants, we would say that clear heels will be everywhere (even if you can’t see them). (Photo via @samanthaneira)


6—Architectural ear pieces. Forget your basic stud or hoop. The next big jewelry trend will have people asking you, “Are those earrings, a piece of art or both?” (Photo via @mealexareyes)


7—Denim skirts. Because, let’s be real, who actually likes wearing pants? (Photo via @iryshmae)


8—Socks with sneakers. Actually using socks for the intended purposes? How groundbreaking! (Photo via @shelbyshowell)