8 Things To Do During Your Spring Break Staycation

Spring break is on the horizon. After stressful college days, all one wants is a week to sit back and relax. For many, that means trips to the beach or days spent tanning by the pool. But for others who find a flight to Florida not in their broke college student budget, it means heading back home.

But kicking it with mom and dad for a week doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) boring! Make it a spring break to remember, no sand required.

Here’s a few ideas to help you make the best of your week at home.

1—Visit your local museums. Whether you’ve been before or not, you’re bound to be introduced to some new and exciting sites. (Photo via @amandapenelope__)

2—Hit up any nearby parks. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice stroll through nature on a spring day, and if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, join the kids and take a turn on the swings. (Photo via @schill_13)

3—Support your local music scene. It might not be Kanye, but live music is always fun. (Photo via @kaycaden)

4—Catch up on reading. College can make it impossible to do any pleasure reading, so take the time to flip through that book that’s been on your shelf for months. (Photo via @sarahgargano29)

5—Go sightseeing. Even in the smallest of towns there are treasures to behold. Take a walk around town and do some exploring. (Photo via @alisapavia)

6—Grab your camera and go! Chances are some of your friends from high school are back in town for the week, so get together and do some street style shoots. (Photo via @adriifree)

7—Treat yourself. Stock up at your favorite bath store and have an at-home spa day. (Photo via @alisacurmaci)

8—Go shopping. With the summer season heading our way, stores will be clearing out the backroom and having big sales. (Photo via @mmoor)

Your spring break stay-cation will be as fun as you let it, so don’t sit around the house starring at the walls all week. Get out there and have a rad break! (Photo via @amandaskcrabucha)

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