Here Are 7 Ways to Keep Up With New York Fashion Week

Here Are 7 Ways to Keep Up With New York Fashion Week

Store your one-pieces and get ready to break out your fall mules, New York Fashion Week is upon us! If you are like me, it’s the most amazing party that you’ve never been invited to (yet). The good news is that no matter where you are, you can be a part of the madness. If you have a computer or phone, you can keep up with all of the shows, looks, and events without leaving your bed or changing out of your PJs. Here are seven of my favorite ways to stay updated on NYFW.

 PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Check out the show schedule, full list of designers, label profiles, and previous collections on the official New York Fashion Week site. The site also features videos of the shows, venue information, and a blog featuring both fashion and beauty content.


The magazine giant has an extensive library of every collection ever shown during any fashion week, dating back to 2000. Vogue posts every collection as they are being shown on the site in addition to full reviews and details on who’s in the front row.

3—Vogue Runway App

The Vogue Runway app brings all of the perks of to your phone. The app also makes it easier to share your favorite looks with all of your Fashionista friends. So go check out every grand finale dress and bold beauty look you need for fall here!


E! is the official media sponsor of NYFW and has been for many years. While they have some online coverage, E! also hosts a TV special at NYFW where they usually interview designers, review collections, and tell us all about what’s hot on the runway.

5—NYFW Snapchat Story

For a super behind-the-scenes look, the NYFW Snapchat story always comes through. Also, front row guests will snap the shows while you follow along so it’s like you’re sitting right next to them!

6—POPSUGAR Fashion Week App

POPSUGAR has always been my go-to for finding new trends in fashion, beauty, and fitness. Now they have a new app that offers instant coverage of shows. Find interviews with designers and models for the full New York Fashion Week effect.

7—Follow Fashion Insiders

Finally, one of the best tricks I have for keeping up with New York Fashion Week from my cozy dorm in North Carolina is following the right people. Keep up with Snapchat stories and Instagram posts from designers, bloggers, magazines, editors, and models to get the inside scoop on the shows and events of the week. It’s almost like you’re hanging out with all of fashion’s most elite.

How are you keeping up with fashion week? Sound off in the comments below!

Additional photos by Maddy Haller and Valerie Cammack.