7 Spring Beauty Products We're Currently Obsessed With

One of my secret/not-so-secret hobbies is to browse the beauty aisles of Sephora, Ulta, and drug stores for the newest beauty products. There’s a thrill to curating a hand covered in color swatches, debating over shades, and discovering new favorites.

While there are some products I have a brand allegiance to (I can tell you that I have loyally repurchased the same mascara since I was 16), switching your makeup up for the seasons is a great way to spruce up your look and makeup bag at the same time.

Here are seven of my current beauty favorites that I think everyone should have in their spring collection. What to know the best part? They are all $28 or less; so, if you’re on a budget (aka literally everyone) these could still be yours!

1) Clinique Cheek Pop 

These blushes from Clinique are as pigmented as they are adorable! I have tried several colors and I have yet to be disappointed. The pigment is amazing and the product applies evenly.

2) Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com

Lately this has become a vital piece in my morning, afternoon, and nighttime routine… so basically it’s an all-day staple! I love this balm because it is majorly healing on any dry skin. Also, the scents are ah-mazing.

3) Artis Oval Brush Dupe 

Okay, we all know these makeup brushes look like giant toothbrushes; it’s why they’re so mesmerizing to watch being used. Realistically, we are in college and can’t drop $100 on a makeup brush, but I wanted to try the trend so I went for a dupe. I have never been more impressed with a purchase I made almost jokingly. This brush is so soft, blends smoothly, and the size makes it easy to quickly cover the entire face.

4) NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

When NYX released this product I was very excited. I love the idea of being able to customize your foundation and amount of coverage. Personally, I like to mix three-four drops of this foundation with other favorites.

5) Glossier Super Pure

If you aren’t on the Glossier train yet, then you are missing out. Not only is the packaging so photogenic, but the serums really work. I have been using Super Pure for around two weeks and have already noticed a dramatic decrease to the redness in my skin.

6) NYX Lingerie Palette 

I bought this palette because I was in search of a burnt orange eye shadow and I was struggling to find a single. I figured I would give this a try because 1. it had the color I was looking for (top right), 2. the price was right, and 3. I could use the other colors. I was so pleasantly surprised. The colors are so bendable, soft, and scream “spring” to me.

7) Coty Airspun Powder

This has been a staple of mine for quite a while. I think this is the perfect powder for baking your face. It is very finely milled and leaves your skin with a perfect matte finish. Plus, it’s super cheap!

Are you running to the store to snag some of these goodies yet? Hopefully some of my favorite picks have inspired you to try something new!