6 Ways To Help Build Your Self-Esteem

Growing up as a girl in this society, having a high self-esteem and loving yourself can be, well, tough. Especially as a college student, it is easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and lonely, none of which help you feel your best self.

The importance of self-love is something we talk a lot about here at CollegeFashionista. But internalizing this concept is one that takes time, care, and a full appreciation of yourself.

Working towards confidence is important for, like, a million reasons. To help you boost your self-esteem, here are some tips on celebrating and prioritizing yourself!

1—Treat yo’ self. Buy yourself things like typewriters and flowers that don’t necessarily have practical uses, but make you feel happy anyway! Make art! Lots of art!

2—Take care of your health. This is so hard but so important. Don’t buy into the romanticization of living a stressful/packed life! Get enough sleep, exercise, and eat well!

3—Find a hobby and invest a lot of energy into it. Whether that be playing guitar, writing, joining a sport’s team, or interning for College Fashionista!

4—Go on adventures. Explore. Remind yourself that the world is not on your schedule and embrace nature!

5—Surround yourself with good people. Put lots of thought and care into your close friendships. These are so important; friends can get you through everything. (And remember that female friendships are not competition!)

6—Knowledge is power. If education is available to you, engulf yourself in it! Focus on your academics and read for the pleasure of knowing a little bit more than you did before.

(All photos by @sarahgargano29)