6 Ways Real College Students De-Stress Before Finals Week

Have you been consuming copious amounts of coffee recently, feeling high levels of stress or counting down the days until winter break? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then most likely finals week is upon you. It’s no secret that we all dread this infamous week of exams, essays, projects and presentations. Still, it’s no surprise that CollegeFashionista Style Gurus have the perfect de-stress rituals. Keep on reading for some great ideas to help you make it through this tough week.

Peyton Lee

“When I’m behind in assignments and falling into a slump, I de-stress by creating opportunities to creatively stimulate myself. Whether it’s finding new fashion inspiration or bookmarking links from awesome articles I’ve read, staying involved in my favorite topics makes me feel motivated to keep killing it in my tests, articles and papers.”week16-peyton(Photo via @leytonpee)

Rachel Park

“Music is definitely my go-to form of de-stressing. I love listening to the new music playlist on Spotify to get me in the mood. For the times I REALLY need to get into the grind, I put on a 3 hour jazz cafe YouTube video and study the night away!”week16-rachel(Photo via @therachelstory)

Tiffany Borrego

“When I get really stressed out, I like to pull out one of my instruments and play for a little while. It always gets my mind off of things and sometimes when I’m writing an essay or taking a long exam, I’ll play for five minutes and then keep going with my assignment! It truly helps me out with stress.”week16-tiffany(Photo via @tiffanygeovana)

 Gabrielle Scherer

“I always make time to go to the gym. Working out always helps de-stress and taking breaks between studying helps me retain a lot more than cramming does!”week16-gabrielle(Photo via @gabscherer)

 Mandisa Shields

“I always try to listen to upbeat music. It keeps me awake while I’m studying and cheers me up when I’m stressed. I’ve had Starboy by The Weeknd on repeat all week!”week16-mandisa(Photo via @mandisashields)

 Sofina Bassett

“I recently bought a heated Sherpa blanket (BEST PURCHASE EVER) and I love turning it on and reading in bed with a giant cup of chai on my nightstand.”week16-sofina(Photo via @sofinaa)